Greek cuisine | beer |wine

Greek cuisine | beer |wine


Romios Restaurant, Old Town, Rhodes Island


Within the mystery of the Middle Ages, a “Romios” (Traditional Greek), brought the Renaissance. Enjoy the best and you will acquire a gustative post, which you will not change. Romios, the name which includes tastes for exacting palates. A great variety of sea appetizers, and also traditional recipes from every Greek corner.

Good on draught wine, from chosen cellars, compose an excellent menu of tastes. With a French Cognac MONTAINE, based on the elixir of orange or a deep red CHAMBORD, consummates our post as exceptional.


Welcome to Romios Restaurant

To start taste the “kaisariotiko” little pasty, the nests of cheeses, the Macedonian “mapia”, bathed with yoghurt sauce, aubergines filled with fresh garlic, the loblolly meat-balls and for cooling yourselves.

Also our fresh salads with “prosouto”, the green salad with spinach and black “sekoulo”, the salad of Romios, which literally discriminates in appearance and taste and to sate some tastes that discriminate, like the board of the Pasha, the fried chicken, the fish kidney of the Chef at the huge figuline, the octopus with orange, the Holy Mountain fish, and for a sweet closure, the chocolate souffle with ice cream, the panacotta with syrup from mulberries and blue-berries, but also the lemon “sorbe” will keep to you a sense of freshness.

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RESERVATION NUMBER: +30 22410 25549


Welcome to Romios Restaurant

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Romios Restaurant, Old Town, Rhodes Island
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